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Reagan Rainey was eleven years old when CIA men came to his house and broke the news that his father was dead. And so for the past twenty years, he and his family believed just that. But when a Russian spy named Moses suddenly comes forward and teases a tightly held secret from the past, Rainey’s world is turned upside down.

As part of the ensuing internal CIA investigation, Rainey—Delta Force special operator turned CIA operations officer—is dispatched to Great Britain to find out what really happened to his father and why. After narrowly escaping gunmen in England and an ambush in Spain, Rainey mounts his own operation that will lead readers through the spy-rich streets of Vienna and Prague and to the doorstep of Moscow. And leave Rainey staring face to face with a killer.

In his most daunting mission to date, Rainey will do whatever it takes to discover the truth. For his country, his family and himself. A truth that will challenge the very fiber of his faith and just might shake America to its core.



"A smart, fast-paced of Joel C. Rosenberg will devour this book!"

—The Real Book Spy


"Artifacts of Conspiracy is all thriller, no filler. Guaranteed to satisfy the most discerning literary palate."

—Joshua Hood, author of Clear by Fire and Warning Order

"Special Forces Operator Reagan Rainey is back in Artifacts of Conspiracy, the exciting second installment of Dony Jay’s Warrior Spy thriller series. Like Joel C. Rosenberg, Jay has found the perfect balance of well-crafted military and covert operations thriller and faith-based fiction. In Rainey we see an operator true to his faith, but with the frailties and weaknesses of all of us, making a realistic character we are eager to root for. Jay has masterfully crafted a non-stop thrill ride that will keep you turning pages well into the night. This second book in the series proves that Dony Jay is a rising star in the genre."
—Jeffrey Wilson, Wall Street Journal and Amazon #1 Bestselling author of the Tier One thriller series

"Crisp, smart and loaded with action."

—Steven Wilson, author of the Lime Award-nominated Michael Neill Adventures series



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