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The CIA has a problem. Its best clandestine operatives keep turning up dead. And now, as if things couldn't get any worse, a Defense Department scientist, specializing in high-energy lasers, has gone missing. America needs answers. And fast. 

Delta Force operator Reagan Rainey, on temporary duty assignment with a secret CIA entity known as Directorate Twelve, is tasked to do just that...get answers. But to do so, he not only has to outwit and outmaneuver a dangerous cabal of foreign actors believed to be at the center of it all, he must contend with a deadly assassin who is bent on destroying him.

Relying on his bedrock faith in Almighty God, Rainey is forced to race against the clock to uncover what is really going on and why, before his beloved America is pushed to the brink of war.



"The Warrior Spy is a terrific debut novel from a promising new author. Written in similar fashion as Joel C. Rosenberg, one of my very favorite authors, I found this book to be a heck of a ride from beginning to end. The characters are well developed, the dialogue is believable and the pacing is just right making this a page-turning thriller!"  Ryan "The Rappologist" S. (MI)


"A book that kept me on the edge... Can't wait for the next one!"  Lynette E. (PA)


"This writer's colorful descriptions put the reader in the very center of the action...a fast-paced story full of action and adventure."  Luana E. (OK)


" the book...a fast moving action-packed adventure...characters seem like real people struggling to live out faith in the real world..."  Lenny L. (IN)

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