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Task Force Greenbriar

Task Force Greenbriar (TFG)

Task Force Greenbriar is an all-volunteer force--a specialized unit of elite readers within the Dony Jay Books Special Reader Operations Command (DJB-SROC).

TFG members are highly motivated individuals, who faithfully and honorably support the literary works of Dony Jay. From time to time, they receive valuable intel about contests, promotional campaigns and exclusive opportunities.

Join Task Force Greenbriar today!

1) Start by signing up for Dony Jay's Reader Intel Bulletin by clicking here

2) Follow Dony on his social media channels

3) Tell a friend or family member about the books

4) Post a review on Amazon, Goodreads or elsewhere

Foundational Principles of Dony Jay & DJ's Books:

Faith - The God of the Bible is the One True God. We are saved by grace through faith. Jesus Christ (at once fully God & fully man) died on the cross for the sins of all mankind and rose from the dead.

Family - It is the basic unit of a peaceful, lasting society and was designed by God for the good of humanity.

Freedom - America as it was founded is good, as are the traditional values & Judeo-Christian principles on which it was built. Brave men and women have bled and died in service to the flag. We honor their sacrifice by living a life of valor, resolve and integrity and by unapologetically raising the torch of freedom for all the world to see.

DJB-SROC Mission Brief

Psalm 97

Romans 10:9

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